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Tian Chu Miaoxiang Restaurant

the vegetarian in Tian Chu Miaoxiang

Tian Chu Miaoxiang is one of the best Beijing Restaurant whom cooking Vegetarian Food.

Verdant beads dripping from green bamboo; emerald green tables with log chairs. Bookshelves line the walls and a lovely tune drifts through the room—it will be hard to find more serene elegant surroundings. 

Their trademark dish, "Abundance under Heaven" looks exactly like fresh spicy boiled fish, but is made entirely of white tofu. Of course the pure vegetarian dishes are even more remarKable, such as the "Fragrant Vegetarian Delicacy" that is made with soybean skin on top of shiitake mushrooms, turnips, seaweed and coriander, with a delicate taste and ample nutritional value. The "Treasure in the Fragrant Mud" is prepared by taking taro root and adding bean paste to create the "mud", then embellishing it with turnips and mushrooms. It is sweet but not oily, and very tasty indeed. As for drinks, there is one worth mentioning: the special "Wheat grass drink". Using freshly squeezed green vegetable juice, it has the fragrance of earth. It is served chilled. As noted on the menu, this ingenious drink is prepared with "Seeds+Light, Air and Water". A creative, fresh and tasty beverage, it is definitely worth a try.

Specialties: Three-flavored vegetarian delicacy, Double-colored assorted stir-fry, vegetarian fermented tofu, sweet and sour ribs, "Abundance under Heaven", Kung Pao green sea cucumber, "Fragrant Vegetarian Delicacy", baked whole wheat cakes.

Average cost per person: 40 RMB
Business hours: 10am-10pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: Yes
Address: Tsinghua Science and Technology Park, Innovation Plaza, 1st floor, west side, Haidian District.
By bus: Take lines Subway Line 13 exit at Wudaokou; Little 5, Little 67, Little 71, Yuntong 110, 307, Special 320, 331, 355, Special 355, 375, Special 375, 628, 726, 731, Special 732, 743, 749, 825, 913, 951, exit at Tsinghua Park or Shuangqing Lu
Tel: 6279 7078