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Wang Jia Du Hot Pot

Fish hot pot in Wang Jia Du hot pot restaurantWang Jia Du Hot Pot is a Beijing Restaurant cooking Tomato Hot Pot. The fish dishes here also welcome by the guests, and they range from the very expensive to the very standard home cooking style fish such as grass carp and crucian carp. All of the ingredients used here are completely natural.

The main difference between wang Jia Du and other hot pot restaurants is that their hot pot is mild and clear, sweet and delicious. When your pot arrives at the table, you should cook the fish slices first to let their freshflavor permeate the soup, then throw in the fresh vegetables, giving an added flavor. You can eat as you cook, all the while preserving the soup's mild and indescribably delicious flavor. Whether you want sliced beef or mutton, one of the advantages of this hot pot is that you can eat whatever you please. You can also order a variety of items rarely seen at hot pot restaurants, such as fried dough twists, corn and more. Try the dough twists dipped in the peppery spicy hot pot for a fabulous new taste.

Specialties: Red ware hot pot, wild fish hotpot, every variety of hot pot.Wang Jia Du Hot Pot logo

Average cost per person: 50 RMB
Business hours: 10am-12pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: Yes
Address: Huizhong Beili, Bldg. 413, Chaoyang District
By bus: Take lines 328, 913, Little 5, exit at Huizhong Beili
Tel: 6484 6277