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Xiao Chang Chen

Luzhu Huoshao in Xiao Chang Chen RestaurantXiao Chang Chen is a famous restaurant in Beijing special for its Beijing Snacks - Luzhu. It is a local Beijing cuisine to cook Intestines, lungs with fire, welcome by the local residence.

Beijing has more restaurants selling famous traditional "Stew and baked wheaten cakes" than you can shake a stick at. But, this local delicacy is best when served at the hundred year old Xiao Chang Chen eatery. The mysterious stewing pot, which can be seen from outside the restaurant, has been churning for over a hundred years. Four generations of skilled cooks have manned the pot over the years, and innumerable visitors have enjoyed the stewed delicacies that have been served from it. The sweet fresh smell will waft up from the pot and rope you in throwing your appetite into overdrive. Even better, customers are allowed to watch the cooking process from start to finish. The demonstrations that follow will have audiences claiming that this treat is truly the acme of perfection!

This conventional Beijing delicacy also goes by the nickname "Luzhu", and its primary ingredients are: Pig intestines, pig lung and dried tofu. Using their famous pot, the cooks at Xiao Chang Chen usually begin preparing them in the early morning. Cakes are tossed into the pot right before the lunch hour, and when their edges are crispy, they are ready to be savored by the customers.If you need to liven up your stew and cakes, you season it with chili oil,
garlic sauce, vinegar, and coriander.Xiao Chang Chen snack restaurant logo

Specialties: Stew and baked wheaten cakes, crispy large intestine, quick-fried pigs intestines, garlic tripe strips, "Luzhu" assorted hotpot.

Average cost per person: 40 RMB-200 RMB
Business hours: 10:30am-3pm, 4pm-10pm
Address: 45 Waiguan Xiejie, Andingmenwai, Chaoyang District
By bus: Take lines 113, 123, exit at Waiguan Xiejie
Tel: 6426 0208