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Xie Lao Song Hot Pot

delicious hot crab in Xie Lao Song Hot Pot

Xie Lao Song Hot Pot is a famous Beijing Restaurant for its spicy pot, the customers here could enjoy the spicy pot first and have Hot Pot with the soup of the spicy pot.

Xie Lao Song Hot Pot is your best bet for spicy crab hot pot. The crabs here are shipped in straight from Burma; with thin shells and thick meat-you won't injure your mouth trying to eat them. Their spicy crabs have a very distinct flavor and are fresh beyond compare. After you finish your crab, you can enjoy the soup or continue to add some green vegetables, bean curb skin or meat. It will be just as delicious. When you smash open the crab claws, you will notice they have soaked in all the hot pot flavor, and are easy to eat. Crab hot pot also goes nicely with a glass of red wine. If you choose to enjoy this spicy delicacy with wine, it will engage your taste buds in a terrific battle! Xie Lao Song also serves Cantonese-style garlic crab, Hunan-style stir-fried crab, Shanghai-style roast crab meat, Indian-style fried crab, Japanese-style frozen crab and much, much more.

Specialties: Spicy crab hot pot, Yangtze river freshwater fish hot pot, duck wings with "Flooding Lakes" sauce, Lao Song mallard hot pot, spicy crab, spicy shrimp, "Fresh Assortment" delicacy, Xiang Yu Ox Penis Hot Pot, hot dried noodles.

Average cost per person: 50 RMB
Business hours: 9am-9pmXie Lao Song Hot Pot logo
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: Yes
Address: 8 South East Third Ring Road(jia)(southwest corner of Liujiayao Huandao)
By bus: Take lines 12, 17, 366, 39, 946, exit at Tiejiangying
Tel: 6760 5668


Address: 1 Gaoqiaollang Xiejie, Haidian District(Beifang Jiaoda west gate)
By bus: Take lines 16, Express 16(16支), 26, exit at Beifang Jiaoda
Tel: 6227 8246