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Ya Wang Restaurant

Yawang is a famous Beijing Restaurant cooking Peking Duck, the Peking Duck here is very delious with an inexpensive price.

the gate of Ya Wang restaurantYa Wang Roast Duck Restaurant takes conventional Beijing roasted duck and goes one step further, preserving the traditional characteristics of roast duck-sweet, savory, and crispy-while eliminating the oiliness. The ducks here are crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and provide a healthy and delicious meal. Paired with mild Cantonese cuisine and seafood, the dishes here have a distinct taste that will appeal to everyone.

Ya Wang Roast Duck Restaurant's decor has an antique feel reminiscent of ancient China, and has received numerous celebrities and notable figures from home and abroad, pictures of whom line the restaurant's walls. The menu is ever-changing; new dishes arrive on the menu each month, and the 10 least popular dishes are removed to make room for more and newer dishes, giving diners something new and exciting with each visit.

Specialties: Complete set duck meats: sliced duck meat with crispy skin, duck soup and a stir fried duck meat specialty, duck feet with mustard sauce, roasted duck Iiver, crystal duck tongue, duck wings with mushrooms, pot-braised ox head rice cakes, salty duck liver, singed duck heart.

Average cost per person: 50 RMB
Business hours: 10am-10pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: Yes


Minority Park (Minzuyuan)
Address: 1 Minzuyuan Lu, Chaoyang Districtthe roast duck in Ya Wang restaurant
Business hours: 11am-2pm, 5pm-9:30pm
By bus: Take lines 113, 645, exit at Minzuyuan Lu
Tel: 6204 2648/6204 9932

Address: 24 Jianguomenwai, Chaoyang District
Business hours: 10am-9:30pm
By bus: Take lines 1, 4, 9, 43, 126, exit at Ritan Lu
Tel: 6515 6908

Address: 21 Chegongzhuang Lu, Xicheng District
Business hours: 11.30am-2pm, 5pm-9.30pm
By bus: Take lines 118, 114, 103, 102, exit at Ganjiakou
Tel: 6833 8693

Guang an men
Address: 4 Xinludonqli, Xuanwu District
Business hours: 11am-2.30pm, 5pm-9.30pm
By bus: Take Iines 6, 937, 446, 40, 854, 717, 716, exit at Guang'anmen Bei
Tel:6343 1291

Address: 28 Haidian Nanlu, Haidian District
Ya Wang Roast Duck Restaurant logoBusiness hours: 11am-2pm, 5pm-9:30pm
By bus:Take lines 944, 307, 725, exit at Haidian Nanlu
Tel: 6253 6869

Address: 4 Xibahe Nanlu, Chaoyang District
Business hours: 10am-9pm
By bus: Take lines 104, 123, 110, exit at Liu Fang Road
Tel: 8449 8671/8449 8673