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Yang Da Ye Hot Pot

Meat in Yang Da Ye Hot Pot restaurantHot Pot is a welcome Beijing Cuisine by the inbound and outbound people. Yang Da Ye Hot Pot is very famous for its various mutton, the customers here could choose the meat which they prefer with different taste.

Elderly Beijing inhabitants like to be called "ye" or "grandpa", a custom said to have been acquired from the Manchu people. When men meet each other they either call the other party by their last name, their given name, or by a prefix to indicate senlorlty, but at the end they will always add a "ye". When eating boiled meat slices, it is imperative to have mutton. From this we get the name "Yang Da Ye" or "Grandpa Lamb", a name that carries on this Beiiing tradition.

When you walk into Yang Da Ye, you will be greeted with the feel of old Beijing: items taken from old Beijing homes, paintings that depict life during the olden days hang all over the walls. Here you will also find an authentic Beijing hot pot experience including small handle-less wine cups usedto warm and hold wine. This is a genuine experience made even better with high quality ingredients, great taste, and an excellent atmosphere.

Specialties: Beef and mutton hot pot, fish and mutton hot pot, sheep stomach, sheep brain, sheep tendons, sheep tendonswith sweetened melon strips.Yang Da Ye Hot Pot logo

Average cost per person: 40 RMB
Business hours: 10am-10pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: No
Address: 12 Wanquan Helu, Haidian District
By bus: Take lines 996, 968, 332, 320, exit at Xiyuan
Tel: 6265 3878