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Yi Yang Zhai Restaurant

Yi Yang is a Beijng Restaurant cooking the vegetarian restaurant specially. It is suitable for the vegetarian, the food here is very delicious and could cook the bean curd just like the meat.

the soup in Yi Yang Zhai RestaurantYi Yang Vegetarian Restaurant was the imperial kitchen for ancient Chinese emperors, the dishes served here resemble meat dishes in every regard, but are completely vegetarian; though you may be fooled into thinking otherwise by their taste and appearance. Yi Yang's interior design includes of images of Buddha, sacred texts and calligraphy, as pictures taken during the owner's journey to Tibet.

It's what seems at the first glance to be a tray of tofu. However, when you bite into a white square you will discover it has a "secret meaning": these tofu cubes are each filled with shredded dried bean curd. In the "house Filled with Riches", the gold in the "Riches" refers to golden corn, and the "Treasure" is bamboo shoots. The tofu contains the delicate fragrance of these two kinds of food, and the taste of tofu can be found within the "Treasures and Riches". It is an unequalled taste sensation. The tea served here is also very special: "Bamboo Leave Tea" uses tender bamboo leaves to create a tea with a distinct flavor. Chrysanthemum, golden lilies and lily flowers also combine to create "Three Flowers Tea".

Specialties: "House Filled with Riches", vegetarian soy-braised pork, vegetarian abalone, Kung Pao chicken, halcyon sea cucumber, spicy boiled fish, spring rolls with kidney beans, "Natural Pearls" delicacy, nutritious boiled Chinese yams. 

Average cost per person: 50 RMB
Business hours: 9:30am-21:30pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: No
Address: Yayuncun Beiyuan LU, ChaoYang District(Yanguang Xinganxian´╝înorth side)
By bus: Take lines Subway Line 13, 809, 941, exit at Beiyuan
Tel: 6497 6535