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Yue Sheng Zhai Snacks

Yue Sheng Zhen is a place specialized offer the halal beef and mutton sauce. It is a famous Beijing Snacks Restaurant with more than 200 years history.

soy-braised mutton in Yue Sheng ZhaiYue Sheng Zhai is located downstairs from the Qianmen gate tower. It has a cramped-looking storefront that doesn't immediately jump out at you. However, if you are acquainted with its more than 200 year history, and have tasted the beauty of their soy-braised and roast mutton, you will recognize that lying beneath this shabby exterior is the solemnity and self-confidence that comes with having a long proud history. It is a defender of tradition.

Yue Sheng Zhai, was founded in the 1800's during the Qing Dynasty, and rose to fame for its pure roast mutton and soy-braised mutton. They are extremely selective about which mutton they use, and using precise cutting methods for each section of meat. They use only the finest ingredients, especially in their very own "age" sauce. It is said that Yue Sheng Zhai sets aside a small portion of their braising sauce to be reused everyday´╝ÄEach batch of braising sauce contains a little of the batch made the day before. The sauce has been passed on this way from generation to generation, and tradition is already over a hundred years old. A very small portion of the sauce used to braise your meat at Yue Sheng Zhai is over a century old!

Specialties: Muslim-style roast mutton, braised beef and mutton, assorted traditional Beijing snacks.Yue Sheng Zhai logo

Average cost per person: 30 RMB
Business hours: 7am-10pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: No
Address: Xindong'an, Basement Level 1
By bus: Take lines 104, 108, 111, exit at the National Art Gallery/Meishuguan