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Beijing Climate

Temperature and HumidityClimate in Beijing is influenced by the Mongolian plateau to the nortwest. It has distinct seasons marked by frequent extremes summers are long, hot and humid(due to its proximity to the Yellow Sea), with an average temperature in July of 30 ℃ (87 ℉), but summer highs frequently top 40 ℃(104 ℉) and (though rare) can reach 50℃(122 ℉) in August. Storms are most likely in summer, bringing torrential rain which can lead to temporary flooding of roads. More than half the city's annual 27.6 inches (700 mm) of rain falls in July and August, so an umbrella is handy.

The Beijing Olympic Games were put back by two weeks from the original start date of July 25 (to August 8) because of fears over the heat, humAverage Rainfallidity and rain. The Beijing Meteoroloaical Bureau incorporates the Beijing Weather Modification Office, and is tasked with controlling the weather for Beijing and surrounding areas. The method of seeding clouds with silver iodide from aircraft and rockets is being used to ensure downpours ahead of the Olympics, in an effort to reduce pollution levels and ensure rain-free event days.

Winters are long and cold but largely dry, with cold fronts from siberia bringing bitter weather, bone-chilling winds and clear skies. Temperatures in January average -10 ℃(14 ℉). Beijing is prone to sandstorms in spring. They sweep in from the expanding Gobi Desert, generally from March to Average Monthly SnowfallMay, and smother the city in a choking, yellow fog which can linger for days and leaves everything coated in a film of sand. The number of sandstorms is increasing; between February and April 2006 alone the city was hit by l0 storms, one of which lasted 10 days and dumped 300,000 tons of sand on the capital. The rise in frequency is blamed on the desertification of China's a rid north west, made worse by soil erosion as a result of deforestation, farming and overgrazing by livestock.

The best weather of Beijing is in September and October, a period called 'golden autumn' for its clear blue skies.