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Entry and Exit

check the assport when enter ChinaThe entry of foreigners, should apply for a visa from China's diplomatic missions and consular institutions or other overseas organizations authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In certain circumstances, in accordance with the provisions of the State Department, foreigners can also apply for visas from the competent authorities of the Chinese Government designated ports. The entries of Persons from the countries that have visa agreements with the Chinese Government, implement according to the agreements.

Something that should pay a attention to:

1. Foreigners whom hold through tickets could take the international flight transit directly, stay in China less than 24 hours and could not go out of the airport, free of Visa. Persons who request to leave the airport provisionally, should have the approval of border control authorities.
2. Foreigners apply for visas, should provide a valid passport, if necessary, provide the relevant documents.
3. Foreigners that are employed to woke in China apply for a visa, should hold the invitations or employment certifications.
4. Foreigners who are about to settle in China, apply for a visa, should hold present status-of-residence identification forms. This identification form, should apply for the public security organs of the place you will settled.
5. The Chinese government agencies issue the appropriate visa according to the subject matters of foreigners apply for the entry.
6. Aircrafts that engaged in international voyages or the ships arrived in China at the ports, the captains or agents must submit passenger lists to the frontier inspection authorities; foreign aircrafts, ships must also provide list of crew members.
7. Any person who are considered as a possible threat to China's state security and Social Orders shall not be permitted to enter China.

1. Exit from China, aliens shall present their valid passports or other effective certificates.
2. Foreigners belonging to any of the following categories shall not be allowed to leave China:
(1) Defendants in criminal cases or criminal suspects confirmed by public security department, Procuratorate or Court;
(2) persons who, as notified involved in unresolved civil cases by a  Court, shall be denied exiting from China;
(3) persons who have other acts that violated the Chinese law and have not been dealt with and considered it is necessary to prosecute by the competent authorities .
3. Frontier inspection office shall have the power to stop aliens belonging any of the following categories from leaving the country and to deal with them according to law:
(1) Holders with an invalid exit documents;
(2) Holders of exit documents of others;
(3) Holders of forged or altered exit documents.