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the stylebook of Chinese VisaAnyone entering China must have a visa issued by a Chinese consulate before they arrive in the country. Entry visas cannot be issued at the airport. Passport holders from Japan, Brunei, and Singapore are exception, and may enter for business, travel or transit for up to 15 days without an entry visa.
To enter China, your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date when you made the visa application.

There are several types of visa and each comes with its own set of stringent rules. AQ1 form, two passport photoes and a fee will need to be submitted, along with any visa-specific paperwork. 

China Visa Types
(1) C: visa shows that holders (of certificate) are Crew Members;
(2) D: visa stands for persons settled in China;
(3) F: visa represents persons come to China to do business or to visit;
(4) G: a transit visa;
(5) L: visa for tourism or visiting relatives in china;
(6) X: visa for student in china for more than six months;
(7) Z: visa for coming to work in China or employment;
(8) W: visa for members of foreign diplomatic agencies or consular authorities;

Tourist Visaa foreign girl with a Chinese Visa

In China, we issue L visas for foreign tourists, that is, to visit relatives or to travel. According to the needs, China also issues visas for tourist groups.

Tourist visa is a visa category. In many countries, in order to promote local tourism development, issuing visas for tourists specifically, named: "Tourist Visa". Tourist visa is characterized by: tourism is the purpose for visiting China, and the period of validity and residence time is relatively short. (Mostly 90-day effective and stay period is 30 days. Some individual embassy will be based on a specific stay period of the application to give fixed-term tourist visa: such as Germany, Australia, etc.)

Tourist visa holders can not be engaged in work in the tourist destination, business and other tourism-unrelated activities, or engage in illegal activities.

Group travel visa is one of tourist visas, its character is visa of the whole team attached to one piece of paper, and not to have visa records on the passport. All the team members must accompany the group to entry and exit the country.

On November 15th, 2000 our government requires that holders of ordinary passports, with the citizens of the countries that have diplomatic relations with our country, such as the Department via Hong Kong and Macao registered travel company to organize groups to travel in the Mainland, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou and other places within 6th can free for visa.