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Kungfu Show

Due to a lot of splendid action movies known among the world, Chinese Kungfu becomes popular image for China and Chinese culture. It is a traditional Chinese martial art with thousands years of history. As a precious element of cultural heritage of China, Chinese Kungfu has also won its name all around the world because of its broad and deep meanings and Oriental features, which covers it with a mysterious veil.Kungfu by the kids

Except for the kick boxing or simple fighting, Chinese Kungfu is a perfect combination of many factors. Its essential philosophy is Confucian harmony theory together with syncretize Taoistic tranquility and gentility as well as Buddhistic sitting and realizing, which form up an inclusive and intensive martial art system. It can be said that Chinese Gongfu contains the realization about the life and the universe of chinese ancestors.

There are many genres of Kungfu, but all of them have a common ground. All the Kungfu practicers should stand to martial art virtue which because of the the influence of Confucian theory.

Martial art has a high social status in the feudalistic dynasties. It was popular for celebrities and important people to practice Gongfu. Literal knowledge and martial skills were the standards to review a talent. Martial champion was set in the imperial examinations.

Shaolin KungfuIn addition, Chinese Kungfu has close relationship to do with the religion. Kungfu has beed divided into two genres according to the region: southern Wudang and northern Shaolin. Mountain Wudang is the sacred place for Taoists while the Shaolin Temple is the pilgrim site for Buddhists.

Taoism born in China, advocating inaction and abstinency, which was absorbed by martial masters as theory of Wudang. Taoism also influenced Taiji, Yin and Yang and so on. As for the Buddhism, since temples usually located in the rural mountains and living conditions were tough, monks had to practice footwork, arm power, courage and perseverance. In order to defense the possible attack from beasts and gangsters, monks began to practice martial art. The temples became the martial art base at the early time.

In Beijing at night, you can enjoy the magnificent Kungfu Show performed by the best actors who have learned Kungfu for many years. Kungfu shows will bring you great enjoyment by its splendid fighting actions and graceful dances.