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Teahouse Theater

Han Dance in the teahouseTeahouse Theater is one of the popular ways for Beijingers enjoy themselves.From the Qing Dynasty, teahouse has been an important part of life of people especially those who did not need to work but receive money from the goverment. They often came to drink tea meanwhile talking, chatting or just killing time.

There are many kinds of tea in the teahouse for customers to drink. Also in the past there were chess and riddles for customers for recreation. So just like the pub or cafe to the west as integral to social interaction, the teahouse has been a meeting place for local residents, artists and philosophers for a long time.

The teahouse is the melting pot of ideas, debates and revelations. It is much similar to the dinner theater in the west. The teahouse also offers food, drink. In addition,  customers can also enjoy performance of Beijing Opera, acrobatics, crosstalk, animal imitations and other forms of drama.