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Tiananmen Night View

Night View of TiananmenTiananmen Square welcomes thousands of visitors from both home and aborad due to its magnificance at daytime. While, the night view of Tiananmen is more charming. After the the darkness begins to cover the sky, lights stood alongside the roads and streets will be lit up, driving away the stressful darkness, creating a blear shinning world by its gently and friendly light.

The Tiananmen is shining red, looking very foggy just like a red palace in a fairy tale. The water of fountain turns into golden, which makes this place more like a fairyland. It is amazing to see an ancient imperial architecture at night when it is adorned by so many modern sparkle lights. In addition, the Great Hall of the People and the The People's Heroes Monument that are facing Tiananmen look splendid as well. There is much more to explore at night.