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Baoguosi Temple Culture Market

Located in the small of Baoguo Temple, Baoguosi Temple Culture Market is similar like Panjiayuan, other Chinese antiques market in Beijing. It is a home for Chinese antiques and modern gift items which become busy and crowded at weekend.

Overview about Baoguosi Temple Culture Market
Baoguosi Temple Culture Market actually a temple which built and serves the country during Liao Dynasty. So it can be said that the culture market has a long history dates back from that time. During the Qing dynasty, the temple was converted to a market place but at the same time it continues to look like a temple.

Baoguosi Temple Culture Market is located No.01, Guang'anmenneidajie on the western Liangguang Lu (Liangguang Ave.), Xuanwu District. What is the difference between Baoguosi Temple Market with other antiques markets? It is the most centralized and professional market for the age-old money. So, it is make the big difference between Baoguosi Culture Market and other antique markets is that this market is more focused on ancient coins, old paper money, ancient currencies, traditional Chinese paintings and old books. Traditional Chinese arts, stamps, ancient currency and antiques are widely traded in the market. Visitors can find various kinds of age-old money here.

More than that, Baoguosi Temple Culture Market is also a place for visitors who want find modern gift items like coins and books on modern and ancient Chinese culture. This market is also famous for its variety of exotic and rare flowers.

Important Notes for Visitors
Baoguosi Temple Culture Market daily opens from 8:30am-5pm. Baoguosi allows individual vendors opening their business in Saturday and Sunday. So because of that, weekends are the best time to visit this market since visitors will get more choices in terms of variety and prices. So, it is very recommend for visitors to come to this market during that time. If you are planning to visit this place, and then make sure you have an entire day. Bargaining is essential. Wandering this ancient market, take your time to compare and bargain your antiques items to get the best price.

How to Get Baoguosi Temple Culture Market
By Subway:
Take Subway Line 4 and get off the train at the station of Caishikou. Getting out of the station and walking west for about 500 meters, you will find featured shops of Baoguosi area.
Address: No.1, Baoguo Temple, Guanganmennei, Xuanwu District.