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Chang an Boulevard

Close to Wangfujing Street, a famous shopping pedestrian street in Beijing, Chang An Boulevard is a major thoroughfare in China's capital city, Beijing.

History of Chang An Boulevard
Chang An (Eternal Peace) Boulevard is known as the first street in Beijing. The world famous Chang An Boulevard was built during 1406 and 1420 of the Ming Dynasty, it was one of the major roads especially built for the construction of the Forbidden City, the Imperial City, and the inner and outer city of Beijing.

During the Qing Dynasty, the Left Gate of Eternal Peace became the East Gate of Eternal Peace (Dongchang'anmen) and the Right Gate of Eternal Peace became the West Gate of Eternal Peace (Xichang'anmen). In 1912 with the establishment of the Republic, Chang An Boulevard was opened to the public. At that time, the flagstone road was merely seven meters wide. During the Northern Warlord period, the flagstones were replaced with asphalt, its widest section was only 25 meters. Finally, trolley cars can ran this stretch for the first time.

Then after 1959, with the rapid development of the city, numbers of modern buildings were erected and the boulevard was widened to its present dimensions.

Present of Chang An Boulevard
Today, Chang An boulevard has been extended from the previous 3.6 kilometers to 46 kilometers which forms the east-west axis of Beijing. It runs from Tongzhou District in the east to Shijingshan District in the west. It is known as longest and widest street in the world.

The main section of Chang An Boulevard stretches 6.7 kilometers from Fuxingmen on the Western 2nd Ring Road to Jianguomen on the Eastern 2nd Ring Road. Along this section, there have more than 50 important and internationally renowned structures including Headquarter Building of the Bank of China, Ocean Plaza, Beijing Henderson Center, China World Trade Center, plenty luxurious hotels etc. Apart from that, there are even lots of famous historical sites stands along the street including Tiananmen Square, Great Hall of the People and some famous museums such as The Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution and Capital Museum. It combines the history with the present together and densely concentrates sources of politics, economics and culture in China.

How to Get Chang An Boulevard
By Subway:
Because Chang An Boulevard runs through Tiananmen Square, then visitors also could have a quick sightseeing to this large square. Take subway line 1 and get off at Tiananmen West subway station.