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Lacquerware consists of up to 500 coats of lacquer applied to a copper base and carved into designs. The colors are red, green, yellow and black, while favorite patterns show flowers,Beijing Lacquerware birds, landscapes and figures. Lacquer is used for vases, plates, bowls and figures. Lacquer is used for vases, plates, bowls and screens. Some lacquerware is inlaid with gold, mother-of-pearl or jade, to decorate folding screens and furniture which are genuine works of art.

Beijing Lacquerware appeared in the Yuan dynasty at least. It had been an important ornamentation in palace in the period of Ming and Qing. The carved lacquer has once won the prizes home and abroad for many times, which shows the world the important status of Beijing lacquer.

Beijing lacquerware has different sizes. The bigger ones function as an decorative furniture, the smaller ones have practical use like bowl and plate, while both are craft work of Beijing style.

There are mainly two kinds of Beijing lacquer. One is carved lacquer which ages in 14th century AD and has a long history. Carved lacquer can also use copper as the body, and is burnt to underwear enamel. The interface is gilded and the body needs pasting red, green and yellow paint and some need hundreds of layers of paint. It can only be engraved after the paint is dried. There are relief sculpture and hollowed-out sculpture.

The other one is golden paint inlay, which is also Beijing specialty and is classified as color painted Goujin, inlayed Luoxi, gold and silver Pingtuo, Kehui and fricative paintings. Both of them are simple but radiant, with the royal vigor.