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Maliandao Tea Street

Drinking tea is almost every Chinese people culture and become a part of their life style, a way of life. Come to Beijing, you will see plenty of tea stores scattered throughout the city and Maliandao Tea Street is absolutely a good place to get a glimpse into Chinese tea culture.

Overview of Maliandao Tea Street
Located in the southwestern part of Xuanwu District (close to Beijing West Railway Station), the Maliandao Tea Street is the biggest tea market of north China and the most famous tea street in Beijing. With a length of over 1,500 meters, this famous tea street boasts over 8 large tea malls and 1,000 retailers, restaurants and teahouses. Assorted tea related items all can be found here.

Although it is mostly for wholesalers, Maliandao Tea Street is a great place to wander for anyone interested in tea and the vendors are normally happy to let you sample some. It is a perfect place for foreigners to buy some Chinese famous tea, tasting it and learn more about Chinese tea culture. Here visitors can find all kinds of tea where prices for tea and tea sets are lower than in the tea shops in tourist areas.

Shopping in Maliandao Tea Street
All kinds of tea throughout China can be found here, there is Anxi Tieguanyin Tea, Huangshan Maofeng Tea, West Lake Dragon Well (longjing) Tea, Dongting Biluochun Tea, Yunnan Puer Tea, Pingshui Pinhead Tea, many more with wide prices ranging from the super cheap to the most expensive. Alongside cups and tins with green tea, jasmine tee, flower tea and oolong tea, tourists will find tea cups, teapots, tea tables and anything else that can be related with Chinese tea. Mass-produced cups and pots can be purchased cheaply, but there are also shops here that sell really expensive China created by well-known Chinese potters.

Most stores along Maliandao Tea Street are opens from 08:00am - 18:30pm. Most tea shops there always offer free tea for you to taste first and then you can bargain with the owner. The prices are negotiable, and sometimes you need to bargain a lot. In the large tea markets, tourists can even find some English-speaking salespeople.

How to Get Maliandao Tea Street
By Subway:
The closest subway station is the Military Museum station (an interchange station on Line 1 and Line 9). After get off the subway, you can take a taxi (10-15RMB).
By Bus:
Bus No. 46, 414, 609
Address: 11 Maliandao Lu Xuanwu District