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Silk Street market

Silk Market is a favorite Chinese shopping market among foreigners. It named Silk Market but the market offers more than just silk.

Overview of Silk Street Market
Silk Market is located very close to Central Business District (Chaoyang District), adjacent to hundreds of embassies and consulates, hundreds of foreign affair hotels and office buildings. Silk Market was originated in 1982 and got its name in 1985 when more and more vendors began to sell traditional Chinese silk products and crafts with reasonable prices. At attracts more and more travelers (overseas tourists) to come shopping in this outdoor market. Fake brands with good quality and affordable price are what the Xiushui Silk Street was famous for.

After several year reconstructions, Silk Street Market has completely reopened on 19 March 2005. New Silk Street is built next to the original market. It has five floors on the ground and three on the underground, with a total building area 28,000 square meters, and 1,500 stalls in the market.

Shopping in Silk Street Market
Wide varieties of commodities mainly sold at Silk Street Market. They categorized into different floors as the following. In the basement floor you will find shoes, belts, handbags and suitcases etc. On the first and second floors there are mainly designer clothes. Be careful to try on everything you buy here, to be sure you get the right size.

On the third floor, you can find various silk products including ties, tablecloths, traditional clothes as well as dressing gowns, underwear and many other products made of silk, and children's wear. Several tailors are also available here, willing to make suits or dresses for tourists that often pay a little more than they should. If you want to find out some jewelry, pearls, Chinese crafts and art, watches, electronics and souvenirs, then come to the floors four and five.

Having walked all the way up here, visitors surely feel quite tired of all the yelling salespeople pulling at them. In that case, continue to one of the restaurants on floors five and six, where visitors can sit down and eat something.

Everyone come to Silk Market should known how to bargain. The salespeople are extremely pushy and the prices they suggest are high, so bargain a lot. Do not worry about the languages problems because in Silk Street Market, almost all the sales can speak English fluently.

How to Get Silk Street Market
By Subway:
Take Subway line 1 and get off at Yonganli Station. The Northwest Exit of Yonganli Station is accessible to the under-ground market of the new Xiushui (Silk Street Market).
Opening Hours: 9:30am to 9:00pm