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Beijing Bicycles

Beijing city has a flat plain, wide dedicated bicycle lanes are also available at each side of every street. From artistic parks to hutong hideaways and the city's historic backbone, visitors can reveal Beijing in fantastic ways by explore the city on just two wheels, by bicycles.

Overview about Bicycle in Beijing
Ride bicycle actually has become local Chinese people life style and culture for a long time. For decades, China was known as the "bicycle kingdom." In 1989, there were more than 4 million bicycles on Beijing roads and 60 percent of the residents used bicycles as their main transportation. But because the fast development of the city, modern people choose for ride comfortable car better than bicycle.

To reduce traffic problems and pollution, Beijing authorities plan to encourage commuters to use bicycles rather than cars. But promoting bicycles again will not be easy.

Beijing Public Bicycle Rental Service
For let people used bike as their transportation again is not easy. Because of that, on June 16, 2012, public bicycle rental service was initiated in this city to make people convenient have a bike ride. 2000 bikes were put in 63 places for rent. The first hour of each bicycle is free and every hour afterward costs 1 RMB. The maximum daily rental is 10 RMB. Furthermore, the users can only rent the bicycle for three days at most every time.

Currently, the bicycle rental service is only available for local citizens. In the future, tourists and non-Beijing residents who stayed in town for couple years can also rent bicycles by offering copies and original ID cards and their real-name Transportation Smart Cards with bicycle rental function.

Get Around Beijing by Bike
Explore Beijing will be different and unique from the seat of your bike. Beijing is a huge city with some major attractions spread every corner of it, so travel them by bike may not be realistic. Visitors can have a short bike ride for recommendation especially during rush hours and for exploring hutongs.

Traveling Beijing by bike offers a healthy, environmentally friendly, convenient, economical, safe and fun experience. Whether travel through Beijing's famous hutongs, or through the magnificent Great Wall, it will give tourists a fun, safe, and different experiences discover Beijing.