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Beijing Subway

Beijing subway is by far the best way to get around Beijing and also the best way to beat its increasingly gridlocked traffic.

Overview about Beijing Subway
Beijing Subway is a rapid transit rail network that serves the urban and suburban districts of Beijing municipality. It is an extensive underground rail system in Beijing. The Beijing Subway's flat fare costs 2 RMB per ride with free transfers on all lines except for the Airport Express which costs 25 RMB. It is the lowest among all rapid transit systems in China, a very convenient and safe way for locals to reach their destinations faster than bus or taxi.

Beijing Subway serving time is from 5:00am in the morning till 10:30pm (some lines may even later) in the evening. Subway station entrances and exits are identified by a large blue stylized letter G wrapped around a smaller letter B. The ticket office is available at the station entry. The metro card, officially known as the "Municipal Administration and Communication Card" (Shizheng Jiaotong Yikatong, or Yikatong for short) can be bought for a 40 RMB minimum, including the 20 RMB refundable deposit. You can buy and return cards at any station. Single-ride tickets are also available from the cashier or from the new electronic ticketing machines that have service in English. Single tickets cost 2 RMB and are only valid on the same day from the station they were purchased.

Get around Beijing by Subway
All the signs of Beijing Subway are in Chinese and English, but make sure you have figured out the name of your destination. Visitors are even also travel Beijing with subway since there are lots of representative tourist attractions located close from the exit gate of the subway stations. However, be warned that during rush hour trains can be extremely crowded.

Presently, Subway Lines 1, 2, 4, 5, 8 (Beitucheng - South Gate of Forest Park), 10 (Bagou - Jinsong), 13, the Airport Express and the Batong Line are in service. For example for line 1 which runs east-west from Sihui East to Pingguoyuan crossing the political heart of the city along Chang'an Avenue, visitors can visit the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the famous cultural street, Wangfujing Street by taking subway line 1. It is colored standard red. Surely in other subway lines, visitors also can find numerous major destinations around Beijing. Transfers between lines are permitted with the exception of the Airport Express, for which a separate ticket is required.