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Beijing Train

It can be said that Beijing is the general railway transportation hub of China. Railway lines can reach all the capital and major cities of provinces, municipalities and autonomous regioitsThe fastest train except Hainan and Taiwan Provinces. There are 5 passenger transport railway stations, and the largest one is Beijing West Railway Station where over 30 pairs of trains run. Passengers must pay attention to the starting and termination stations on the tickets so as not to go to the wrong station for taking a train or picking up people. Buses can be taken to the nearby scenic spots of Beijing, and special route tour trains can be taken to the distant suburbs.

Train Ticket Purchase
It should be reminded that tickets are often short in winter and summer holidays, tours Highseason. So the first thing when you arrive at Beijing is to purchase tickets in case your succedent arrangements is delayed.
1. Purchase at the railway station ticket office.
2. Purchase at train ticket network sales office for tickets within 4 days.
3. Entrust hotel to purchase ticket, and handling charge varies.
4. Please do not risk buying ticket from ticket touts during peak time in case of being cheated.

Beijing Train Ticket office
Advance Ticket Hail of West Railway Station(Hall on Floor One in the west of the station): Buses: Take Bus N0.21, 52, 320, 373 and get off at West Railway Station, go through the traverse in underground second floor, and to the west for 50 meters from exit.
Ticket Office in Front of Beijing Railway Station(Vehicles)Take subway or buses N0.9, 10, 20, 24, 39, 52, 54 and get off at Beijing Railway Station.
Ticket Office ot Beijing South Railway Station(Buses)Bus No.20, 102, 122, Special No.3 and get off at Beijing South Railway Station.
Ticket Office of Beijing North Railway Station(Northwest of Xizhimen subway stop):  Vehicles: take subway or Bus NO.7, 16, 21, 27, 375, 387 and get off at Xizhimen.
Ticket Office of Beijing Railway Station(Vehicles)Take subway or Bus No.9, 10, 20, 24, 39, 52, 63, 103, 104 and get off at Beijing Railway Station.  
Train Information Inquiry: 96285(high charge)
Train Time Inquire Websites: Railway Communication Website http://train.tielu.org