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Eight Outer Temples

In the north of the Great Wall, east and north to the Mountain Summer Resort stand magnificent temples that model after the architectural style of lamaseries in Tibet and Xinjiang - Eight Outer Temples which represent the superb architectural technique and achievement of the early Qing Dynasty. The Eight Outer Temples

Eight Outer Temples among them were governed directly by Lifan Court in Qing dynasty and registered in Beijing Lama Print Office, hence the name of Eight Outer Temples. They along with the Summer Palace was listed to the world Heritage site together in September, 1994.

Located east of the Wulie River are the Puren Temple, the Pule Temple and the Anyuan Temple. To their north and at the foot of the cliff is the Puning Temple. North of the Mountain Resort are the Xumifushouzhi Temple, the Putuozongchengzhi Temple and the Shuxiang Temple.

The Eight Outer Temples actually refers to the historically existing 12 temples that were built during the heydays under the reign of the two emperor Kangxi and Qianlong successively with 67 years' effort to complete. The Boren Temple and Boshan Temple were set up during the emperor Kangxi's reign, while the other ten were completed during Emperor Qianlong period. The 12 temples are the Boren Temple, Boshan Temple, Puning Temple, Anyuan Temple, Pule Temple, Puyou Temple, Putuozongcheng Temple, Guangan Temple, Suxiang Temple and Luohan Hall (luohan, arahat in buddhist term) for praying happiness and longevity and Kuixing Attic, but only 7 are well preserved. The Boshan Temple, Guangan Temple and Kuixing Attic do not exist now. The Puyou Temple and Luohan Hall have suffered serious damage and only some parts remain.


Eight Outer Temples Tour

Each of the Eight Outer Temples has its own history and the story. And during Eight Outer Temples Tour, tourists from all over the world could pay a visit and learn about the history about them just at the same time.

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