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Puning Temple

Puning Temple is one of the famous Eight Outer Temples in Chengde City, Hebei Province. It is situated among the mountains to the north of the Mountain Resort of Chengde City in Hebei Province. It occupies an area of more than 23,000 square meters.

The Eight Outer Temples were constructed from the 52nd year (1713) of Emperor Kangxi's reign to the 45th year (1780) of Emperor Qianlong's reign. While the Puning Temple wasPuning Temple  constructed in the 20th year (1755) of the Qianlong reign. In order to celebrate the suppression of rebellion of Junggar tribe, Emperor Qianlong invited the four troops that participated in the suppression to the Mountain Resort in October in the 20th year of the Qianlong reign. He dubbed leaders of the four troops, and ordered to build the Puning Temple.

The main structure of Puning Temple is the Hall of Great Buddha, which is of 36.75 meters high with six storeys and multiple eaves. The top of the hall is a gold-plated dome. Full of power and grandeur, the hall is a representative of the architectural style of Chinese temples and mosques. The hall of the Great Buddha stands for Sumeru, and the hall of Day Light, the Hall of Moon Light on the two sides of the Hall of Great Buddha symbolize day and moon respectively. On the hall of the Great Buddha are black, red, white and green pagodas and eight white high terraces on its four sides.

The Puning Temple preserves three stone tablets. The complex of this temple is mixed with the artistic style of Han, Tibetan and Indian architectures, and formed the typical image of a Buddha World with Buddha statues as its main body, holding an important position in the history of Chinese architecture.


Puning Temple Tour

In addition, there are the Miaoyan Room and the Hall of Scripture Preaching in Puning Temple, where Qing emperors listened to the preaching and had a rest. During the trip, tourists will learn more about the Buddhism and the unique architecture style.

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