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Putuozongcheng Temple

The Putuozongcheng TemplePutuozongcheng Temple was first built in the thirty-second year of Emperor Qianlong to celebrate his 60th birthday and his mother's 80th birthday. It is the biggest temple of the Eight Temples and was nicknamed as the "Little Potala Palace" as it is much like the Potala Palace in Lhasa.

The layout of Putuozongcheng Temple can be divided into three parts, namely, the front part, the middle part and the rear part. The entrance, tablet pavilion and Wuta Gate combine the front part. The middle part is consisited of colored glaze memorial arch, White Tower and monk rooms and others. While, the rear part, which is the main construction, has the big red tower and some other periphery constructions. Altogether there are 60 locations scattering around.

What is need to mention is that there are inscriptions and carvings in characters used by Man people, Han people, Mongolians and Tibetans in the pavilion of Putuozongcheng Temple, like A Record of Putuozongcheng Temple, A Record of Tu'erhute Tribe Coming Over and Pledging Allegiance and A Recsssord of Showing solicitude for Tu'erhute Tribe. These inscriptions are of precious historical value.


Putuozongcheng Temple Tour

The most conspicuous characteristics of Putuozongcheng Temple rely on its Tibetan style in the Han tradition foundation. During the trip to this temple, you will be interested in and amazed at the unique architecture style.

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