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Chengde Mountain Resort

Chengde Mountain Resort was built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in early 18th century and takes more than 90 years to compete. It consists of emperor's residential buildings, royal gardens and some magnificent temples. It covers an area of 5.64 million square meters, twice as big as the Summer Palace in Beijing. It is where Qing emperors spent their summers to escape the summer heat in Beijing. The palace lies in the north of Chengde city.Summer Palace

Chengde Mountain Resort represents the imperial theme of "collecting the world scene in one garden, moving the best beauty to one place", so that the garden combines the grace of South China with the grandeur of North China in an arrangement with more than 120 buildings.

Chengde Mountain Resort consisits of the palace zone, the lake zone, the mountain zone and the plain zone. The palace zone that is made up of former Palace, Pine & Crane House, East Palace and Million Valleys and Pines, four groups of structures is in the south. This zone is now the Royal Art Museum and the place for recovering historic legacy of the palace of the Qing Dynasty. The lake zone covering an area of about 500mu, is divided into many small lakes by the islands and dykes such as Chenghu (Clear Lake), Ruyihu (Happy Lake), Yinhu (Silver Lake) and Jinghu (Mirror Lake). The plain zone located on the north of the lake zone covers an area of 53 hectares, and it mainly includes Wanshuyuan (Ten Thousand Trees Garden), Shimali (Place of Trying Horses), Yongyou Temple (Permanent Blessing Temple) and Sheli Pagoda and other tourist sites. The mountain zone covers an area of 4.22 million square meters with highest peak of 510 meters high above the sea level, which is 180 meters higher than the plain zone. There are imperial paths and narrow winding tracks towards the hills.


Chengde Mountain Resort Tour

Chengde Mountain Resort, is the largest imperial garden in the Qing Dynasty as well as the largest surviving royal garden in China. With such a high reputation, tourists should miss this world famous tourist destination during the tour to Chengde, this Chengde Mountain Resort tour will offer you an impresssive and exciting travel experience!

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