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Du Fu Thatched Cottage

a path in Du Fu Thatched Cottage in SichuanDu Fu Thatched Cottage (also called Du Fu Cao Tang) is located at the western outskirts of Chengdu, adjacent to the Huanhua Xi, (Flower Rinsing Creek). It is an idyllic 24-acre (97,000 ㎡) park and museum in honour of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu. In 1961, the Chinese government established Du Fu Cao Tang as a National Heritage site, the spot is marked by a stream, ancient style architecture, pavilion pagodas and age-old trees.

Great Poet-Du Fu

Du Fu was so talented, he wanted to get a good job in the government when he was young. Unfortunately Du Fu was refused several times. At his fifties he got a chance to serve as a minor official in Changan (Xi'an). Gongbu was his official title and probably he was in charge of the local industry. But Du Fu was not a skilled survivor in government politics. Du Fu soon gave up this minor post in disgust and set off with his family to Qinzhou in the Northwest. After a short stay he moved again and he arrived in Chengdu in 759. He set up a modest cottage with some borrowed money from his friend who served as a local governor. He lived for three years in this cottage and wrote about 240 poems. Most of the poems of this period sound relaxed and happy, and inspired by the cottage, the stream nearby and the scenery in Chengdu. These poems gave the impression that he was happier in Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage than any other time in his life.

The original Du Fu Thatched Cottage built by Du Fu was destroyed. The key buildings in the Du Fu Cao Tang Park were constructed in the early 16th century during the Ming dynasty and extensively renovated in 1811 during the Qing dynasty.

Du Fu Thatched Cottage consists of several main areas: Du Gong Bu memorial Hall (Du Gongbu ci), where the life and work of Du Fu was displayed, the library area a statue of Du fu in Du Fu Thatched Cottage in Sichuandisplayed published works of Du Fu, including some rare Song dynasty wood carving editions. The foreign language section displays a large number of foreign language books of Du Fu's works; The Thatched Cottage of Du Fu: A reconstructed thatched hut partitioned into a study, a bedroom and kitchen, recreated the living and working environment of Du Fu's time; The Hall of great poets (Da Ya Tang): A new exhibition hall where a 16 long by 4 meter tall mural painting portraying scenes from Du Fu's poems: "My Thatched Hut Wrecked by the Autumn Wind" and "A Song of War Chariots". There are also statues of twelve prominent Chinese poets (including Qu Yuan, Tao Qian, Li Bai, Wang Wei, Su Shi, Li Qingzhao, Lu You) on display.


Du Fu Thatched Cottage Tour

Du Fu Thatched Cottage is now a popular destination for Du Fu enthusiasts around the world to pay tribute to the great poet.