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Wuhou Memorial Temple

a stone archway in Wuhou Memorial Temple in SichuanWuhou Memorial Temple (Martial Marquis) located in the south suburb of Chengdu was built by the-king of the Cheng empire in the last years of the westem Jin period(265 AD -316 AD ), and named after the Three Kingdoms military strategist Zhuge Liang, the Martial Marquis of Shu.The temple covers 37,000 square meters (398,277 square feet).

During the Ming period (1368—1644), Wuhou Memorial Temple was merged with the nearby site of Zhaomieliao, a temple dedicated to the memory of emperor Liu Bei. The temple site as seen today was rebuilt in the Kangxi era of the Qing dynasty, in the late 1600s. There are more than 40 sculptures of famous personalities from the Shu and Han periods, as well as numerous memorial stones, scrolls and sacral implements.

The five Wuhou Memorial Temple is surrounded by thick verdant cypresses, it can be divided into five sections which respectively the Gate, the second Gate, the Hall of Liu Bei, the corridor, and the Hall of Zhuge Liang, all of them are run south to north. Inside, clay sculptures of Shu Emperor and ministers stand together, making them a special feature.

The most valuable cultural relicin Wuhou Memorial Temple is the stele set up in 809. This huge stele 367-centimeter (144-inch) high and 95-centimeter (37-inch) wide is called the Triple-Success Stele. The three successes are: an article written by Pei Du, a famous minister of the Tang Dynasty who served four emperors in succession, calligraphy by Liu Gongquan, one of the most brilliant calligraphers in Chinese history, and a statement about the morality and achievements of Zhuge Liang.


Wuhou Memorial Temple Tour

In the people' heart, the intelligence and prestige of Zhuge Liang are deemed much higher than that of many vassals, and even of some emperors. Therefore, there are several Wuhou Memorial Temples in China, if you want to visit one, make this one as your choice, for its high fame and prestige.