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Dali Three Pagodas

The Dali Three Pagodas are located in the Chongsheng Temple at the foot of the Cangshan Mountain and faceing the west shore of the Erhai Lake. They have a history of over 1,800 years and they have wittnessed Dali's history and embody the development of Buddhism in the area. Known for their resilience, the Three Pagodas have survived a few severe earthquakes.

The Dali Three Pagodas are made of brick and covered with white mud. They are three ancient independent pagodas forming a symmetrical triangle, an arrangement unique in China. The Three Pagodas stand like legs of a huge tripod. Qianxun Pagoda, the main one, is square-shaped with closed eaves similar to the Small Wild Pagoda in Xian. It has 16 tiers with a total height of 69.13 metres, and is in a typical architectural style of the Tang Dynasty. On the south and north sides of the main pagoda stand two smaller ones of octagonal shaped with dosed eaves. Each one has 10 tiers with a height of 43 metres. On the top of each pagoda, there are three copper-made calabashes, each connected with an umbrella shaped bronze bell. The Dali Three Pagodas

The cover of Qianxun Pagoda of Dali Three Pagodas is white-washed. On each story, there are four shines. There are Buddhist sculpture on the east and west shrines. The other two shrines are the windows for the pagoda. There are wood beams inside the pagoda. There are four corners on the summit. Each corner hangs a golden wing bird cast by copper. Legend has it that these birds have spell on the demons in Erhai Lake. On the summit of the pagoda, there are also metal pagoda top, pagoda cover, pagoda peak and a golden cock.


Dali Three Pagodas Tour

Study of the Dali Three Pagodas and the cultural relics that have been excavated at the site provides significant data for exploring the history, religion, and art of the area. Today, travellers can also visit the Three Pagodas at night, when they are illuminated providing a fantastic scene.