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Hanging Monastery

Hanging Monastery with snow in winterLocated 3.5 kilometers southeast of Hunyuan County and built halfway on the cliff at Jinlong Canyon, the Hanging Monastery of Hengshan Mountain is one of China's most unique and remarkable feats of wooden architectural complex. The monastery is also the only one built in honor to Sakyamuni, Laozi, and Confucius, who are founders of Buddism, Taoism and Confucianism respectively. The Hanging Monastery of Hengshan is mainly influenced by Taoism.

Built during the Beiwei dynasty in 491, the Hanging Monastery of Hengshan is more than 1,500 years old. The rich history of China and its deep-rooted cultural beliefs are etched into Hengshan and its Hanging Monastery. An architectural complex was built on the base of the natural hollows and outcrops along the contour of the cliff. Over 40 halls and pavilions within an area of 152.5 square meters are connected each other by corridors, bridges, boardwalks. They are evenly distributed and well balanced in height. Inside the monastery are over 80 statues; some are cast with bronze, some with iron, some with clay and some are carved out of stone. Founders of Buddhism , Taoism and Confucianism are living friendly and harmoniously with each other.  Through different reigns of dynasties, the monastery has been rebuilt and redesigned forming 40 different rooms interconnected through walkways and pillars.Hanging Monastery with trees

Facing east, the architectural complex of Hanging Monastery hangs about fifty meters above the ground. It used to be much higher above the ground, but over the ages the silt has built up, raising the level of the riverbed. Reconstruction work was carried out from the Tang through the Qing dynasties, as well as in recent times. In 1982, the monastery was listed as one of our country's key protecting units of cultural relics. 


Hanging Monastery Tour

The landscape of the mountain is a combination of manmade and natural designs. This is why many people from around the world come and visit. Visitors going to the Hanging Monastery should be prepared physically. Having extra spending money won't hurt either. The walkway and stairs in the Monastery are steep and narrow, if you have fear of heights, then it is advised that you refrain from looking down.

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