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Huayan Monastery

the buddha in Huayan Temple in winterAs another essential attraction in Datong, the Huayan Monastery complex is located on the southwestern side of Datong City, Shanxi Province. The Monastery dates back to as early as the fifth century. It consists of two courts, the upper Huayan Monastery (Shang Hua Yan Si), also called the Great Temple of Treasure (Da Xiong Bao Dian) and the Lower Huayan Monastery (Xia Hua Yan Si), being renovated and enlarged for several times till its present scale.

There are the green bamboo forest and the old and strong pins inside and outside of Huayan Monastery. It gains the name because there is a cave called Huayan Cave at the south side of the temple. There is no historical record about the year in which the monastery was built. Covering an area of 160,000 square meters, Huayan Monastery's construction acreage is 16,000 square meters.

The Upper Huayan Monastery is considered to be one of the two biggest Buddhist halls existent in China. And it was built under the Liao Dynasty in 1062. The Monastery was damages in the last years of the Liao and it was restored by the Jin in 1140. Unlike the most temple buildings in China which face southward, the main building-the Great Temple of Treasure, faces to the east. The legend goes that Qidan, an ancient tribe appeared in 400 B.C. in the northern China, Huayan Temple with snowhad a popular custom of worshipping the Sun. Later when they dominated the northern China, this practice influenced the Han people. There are five major Buddhas in the center of the hall, either side of which are 20 celestial warriors.

Located near the Upper Huayan, Lower Huayan Monastery was also originally constructed under the Liao. All of the present buildings, except for the small library, date from the Ming and Qing. The library has been declared a national monument and it contains a number of exquisite Liao frescoes and sculptures


Huayan Monastery Tour

Huayan Monastery is one of the largest wooden Buddhist temples still in existence in China today. So if you are interested in Buddhism, paying a visit to Huayan Monastery during Datong tour will be really nice.

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