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Crescent Spring

About 6 kilometers (3.73 miles) south of Dunhuang city, and surrounded by the Echoing-Sand Mountain, Crescent Spring is a natural wonder in the Gobi Desert. It enjoys the title of "TheCrescent Spring Wonders of the Gobi Desert." The spring takes a shape of crescent in the desert, looking like a blue cresent moon shinning in the desert, hence it got its name. Having been lying among these sand dunes for thousands of years, although given many surprise attacks by sandstorms, Crescent Spring still gurgles clear, and still remains worthy as the first spring in the desert.

Crescent Spring is about 100 meters long and 25 meters wide. People said that the spring is rich in "iron-back fish," "seven-star grass" that are regarded as three treasures of the local area with the "five-color sand" of the Echoing-Sand Mountain. The rare fish and water grass are said to be good for the health.

There is a story about the formation of Crescent Spring. In the Western Han Dynasty, a general called Li Guang, together with a group of soldiers, captured a powerful and swift horse from Dawan, a western state of China at that time. When passing the Echong-Sand Mountain upon their return, the soldiers became too thirsty to continue their march. General Li drew his sword and thrust it into the side of the mountain causing water to spring forth and so formed the spring.

About the reason of Crescent Spring formed. Research has discovered that in this special crescent landform the wind created this depression, as the cross-ventilated theory states, the falling sands from the surrounding mountains would be sent back to the other side of nearby Echoing-Sand Mountains. Thus, the sands do not smother the spring. And this particular earth movement keeps the sand dunes and spring eternally in a harmonious and almost paradoxical existence.


Crescent Spring Tour

As a natural wonder in Gobi Desert, if time allows, during Dunhuang tour, you should pay a visit to this attraction. As surrounded by Echoing-Sand Mountain, tourists of Crescent Spring Tour could also see the sand vision of Echoing-Sand Mountain.

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