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Sugar-Coated Hawthorn

More and more traditional tastes have been changed by the faster living style pace and luxurious living environment. Some people after Beijing tour will show a little disappointed that they did not catch the chance to tastes the mark of Beijing snack – Sugar-Coated Haws. Nowadays, no matter to the adult or kids, this kind of snack has seized their stomach with unique cooking style, appearance and the inner sweet tastes.

Overview of Sugar-Coated Hawthorn
As a kind of traditional Chinese snacks, Ice-sugar has experienced eight hundred years of history. With sweet and sour tastes, people would not forget to eat and enjoy. In China there are special festivals held for this kind of snack. Its production method is very simple which is composed by the haws and sugar. With the society developing more and more prosperous, according to different demand, Ice-sugar has developed into various tastes. It is not only simple haws but a combination of bananas, oranges, grapes and strawberries. In the tourism holidays, this kind of snack has got the approval of friends from home and abroad.

Prosperous History of Sugar-Coated Hawthorn
With this sweet snack spread all over the world, the cooking style of Sugar-Coated Haws also changes day by day. In the Chinese ancient times, this kind of snack has appeared but different in the cooking and name. Earlier in the Song Dynasty, the ancient people cooked Ice-sugar in the traditional way. According to the history record, along the streets, there will be selling Sugar-Coated Haws in the tea house, restaurants and shops. Most interesting is that Ice-sugar has the effect of producing your appetizing, remove your fatigue and calm one' mood, etc. Ancient people always used them to cure their stomach. Meanwhile, different area have different names about the Ice-sugar, such as in the northeast side of China, people always called this kind of snack as Tangligao; Tianjin people called them as Tangduner and Anhui people called the Tangqiu.

Simple Process of Sugar-Coated Hawthron
First prepare some good quality haws, and water then clean. The size of them should keep the same to have a good appearance about your Sugar-Coated Haws. Second, it is time to remove the seed away. Finally, string them together. Another, you should prepare the sugar. First, add certain water into the sugar putting into the pot. Second, heat them with the fire. Last, put the string haws into the sugar and rotated slightly. Then, it is ok.

Having a taste of Sugar-Coated Haws to record the old Beijing culture is a worthy memory.