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Five-Ram Sculpture

Five-Ram Sculpture lies in Yuexiu Park, the largest park in Guangzhou. The Five-Ram Sculpture is the symbol of the city and it was built in 1959. According to the legend that more than 2,000 years agoThe Five-Ram Sculpture Guangzhou was a barren land where people worked hard but still suffered from famine. One day five immortals wearing robes of five colors came to Guangzhou riding through the air on rams. Each of the ram carried a stem of rice, which they presented to the people as a suspicious sign from heaven that the area would be free from famine forever. Then the immortals left leaving the five rams turned into stone. Therefore, Guangzhou got another name from the myth - City of Five Rams or just Ram City.


Five-Ram Sculpture Tour

Located in the famous Yuexiu Park, during the tour to Five-Ram Sculpture tourists could also enjoy the other attractions places situated in the largets park in Guangzhou.

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