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Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall constructed by the people of Guangzhou and overseas Chinese between 1929 and 1931 is a monument to memorize Dr Sun Yat-sen, the forerunner ofSun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Chinese democratic revolution. It is situated on the southern slope of Yuexiu Hill.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is a magnificent octagon building of typical Chinese architectural style. It is not only one of the symbolic constructions in Guangzhou with its majestic appearance and the infused rich Chinese national color, but also an important place for large scale meeting and performance.

The current hall looks brand new because of its reconstruction in 1998. The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and the courtyard totally cover an area of 62,000 square meters with the 6,600-square-meter's major building with a framework of steel work and reinforced concrete.

The statue of Mr. Sun Yat-sen stands in the front of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. And above the front door of the memorial hall hangs a golden slab with four Chinese characters of "Tian Xia Wei Gong" written by Sun Yat-sen himself. Together the statue and the slab reflect and correspond to each other, forming a grand scene that remind people of this great man's brilliant life experience.

The octagon pavilion of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is surrounded by four decorating double eaves from the front, back, right and left. Tall and straight, ancient as well as precious trees stands inside the hall, presenting a magnificent scene. Besides, yellow walls and red pillars that are decorated by blue glazed titles are around the hall, which are shining in the sunshine. In the back of the memorial hall is the Zhongshan Monument erecting on the top of Yuexiu Mountain. The monument is quite remarkable and stately. In addition, there is an audience house inside the hall, which, with a domed roof that is a huge sprung one made of glasses which has no supporting pillars, is an outstanding construction being worldly well-known.


Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Tour

As located near to Zhongshan Monument and Yuexiu Mountain, during the tour to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, tourists could also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yuexiu Mountain at the same time.

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