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Xiguan Old Big House

Part view of Xiguan Old Big HouseXiguan Old Big House is the name given by Guangzhou natives to the area in Liwan District that ranges from Xicun in the north and the Pearl River in the south to Renmin Road in the east and the Xiaobei River in the west.

Xiguan Old Big House concentrates many traditional mansions which used to be residences of the rich and powerful family and the wealthy merchant, known as "Ancient Big House". This kind of house is usually deep with 3 compartments and 2 corridors in the bilateral symmetry, and in the center is the principal hall. Along the axle line is the porch, hallway, sedan-chair hall, main hall, front cubicle, secondary hall and the secondary room in sequence, each hall is one row and separated by the small patio from other halls.

The mansions in Xiguan Old Big House feature Manchu windows of local traits and distinctive layouts displaying the strong architectural style of the Lingnan area. These residential houses are tall and bright, with the Offices of Parks, decorated beautifully.


Xiguan Old Big House Tour

If you have already paid a visit to many modern architectures in Guangzhou to feel its prosperity and want to get some different feelings, then have a Xiguan Old Big House Tour will be a good choice.

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