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Yuntai Park

Fountain in Yuntai ParkYuntai Park lies at the entrance of White Cloud Mountain, facing Guangyuan Road in the south and the White Cloud cable in the east. The park is completed and opened to the public in the September of 1995. As it is against the Yuntai Peak of the White Cloud Mountain and famous for its notable various flowers blooming in four seasons, hence it got "Pearl of a City of Flowers".

Yuntai Park is the best place to enjoy flowers in the four seasons and so far it is the biggest one of its kind. The design of the park combines the styles of China and foreign countries, so that it features a charming trait of its own. In addition to the design, Yuntai Park serves as a bridge that links Guangzhou to other foreign cities, building a deep friendship with them. In the park grow flowers of those cities that have established with Guangzhou a friendship as "friendly cities" as well as flowers of those countries where these friendly cities belong to.

Another highlights of the park is that it is very pretty at night when all lights lit the lake and river making them seem like a colorful rainbows turning the park into a fairyland. 


Yuntai Park Tour

Wandering in Yuntai Park tourists can enjoy many flowers of other countries without travelling all of them and also have a view of the charming night scenic. If you are interested in various kinds of flowers, during the tour to Guangzhou, Yuntai Park is the place you should not miss.

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