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Daxu Ancient Town

Daxu Ancient town with people

Daxu Ancient Town, located on the north Lijiang River bank about 29km from Guilin, is one of the four famous historical towns of Guangxi province dating back over 1,000 years since 200 B.C. A 2.3km-long and 2m-wide stone street runs through the town with ancient buildings designed in the style from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). These structures were mainly built during the Ming and Qing dynasties and are revered because of their beauty and practicality. The road is paved with dark green lime stones made smooth over time from the wear and tear of use. You will find shops along this street with private residences deeper in.

Daxu Ancient Town was a very important harbor on the Lijing River before the railroad was built. Thus, most of the townspeople are traders making the town's market famous throughout southern China. It was a busy trading center in the old times. Historically, the Ling Canal provided the transportation Daxu needed to be a local center of trade. Today, you can still imagine the former glory of the old days in the 13 docks along the old street.

Unfortunately, the trading of Daxu Ancient Town slowed considerately after the railroads and highways were built. Many local residents still keep their traditional handcraft and business, such as home workshops of rice wine, carpenters, bamboo baskets and traditional Chinese medical clinics. There are about 20 clinics gathered along the street, some of which specialize in gynecology and some in pediatrics. Coming into the clinic, you can smell the scent of medical herbs and timeworn medicine chests tell the history of the clinic. The rice wine workshop remains the old way of brewing wines by using old barrels, baskets and distillery.

Main sights in Daxu Ancient Town includes stone-paved streets, Wanshou Bridge (Longevity Bridge), ancient buildings and the century-old dock. The street measuring 2.5 kilometers in length and 2 meters in width stretches through the town. This narrow street with its stone bases worn shiny by time and the many visitors are full The small alley in Daxu Ancient townof character. Wanshou Bridge is a single-arched bridge built in the Ming Dynasty. Along the river stands many traditional buildings well preserved from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. These wooden architectures with colorfully decorated eaves, elegantly carved doors and windows are still homes of the many locals. A stroll along will afford a leisurely glimpse into the traditional courtyard where granny are sometimes seen telling story to a huddle of small kids. 13 docks have been built from the Ming Dynasty, among which five well preserved ones still work well.


Daxu Ancient Town Tour

If you are interested in the history of the old country and want to get a deep experience about it then you should not miss Daxu Ancient Town during the tour to Guilin.