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Fubo Hill

Fubo hill in the sunsightFubo Hill (wave-subduing) to the northeast of downtown Guilin by the Lijiang River has the Xinxi Marquis Temple built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The title of Xinxi Marquis was given to Fubo General Ma Yuan, so the name of the mountain. Half of the graceful lone peak of the hill is in the river and the other half is on land. During flood season turbulent currents explode against the hill rocks.

Like Elephant Hill, Fubo Hill benefits from its scenic location right on the west bank of the Li River. Standing some 62 meters high, the view from the peak is again one of the main attractions at this landmark. But it is a very steep climb to the top, so that some might settle for just reaching the lookout about halfway up. But the main attractions at Fubo Hill are Pearl Returning Cave in the southern side of the hill and 1000 Buddha Cave. The caves are home to a number of ancient Buddha statues and rock carvings dating mainly from the Tang Dynasty. Additionally, they feature a number of stalactites, the most famous and amazing of which is Sword Testing Rock.


Fubo Hill Tour

With beautiful scenery and good location, Fubo Hill Tour has become more and more popular among tourists of Guilin trip in recent years. While climbing Fubo Hill, tourists could enjoy the scenery along Li River at the same time.