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Guilin Merryland World

the children playing in Guilin Merryland WorldGuilin Merryland World, with land area of 60 hectares, is the project with the biggest investment in Resort World. The park has over 20 amusement establishes including Ultimate-speed Motion, Canyon Raft Ride, Spook House Venture, Bumper Car, Corsairs, Airship Surfing, Jihad Cavalry, Bungee Jump, etc.
Merry China Town in Guilin Merryland World includes mainly the Great Wall, pavilions and towers of architectural styles in Ming and Qing dynasties of China. The major amusement facilities include: Wind & Fire Wheel, Ultimate-seed Motion, Merry-go-round, Hurricane, etc.

Guilin Merryland World is divided into  five sections, Merry town, American Wild West, Dream World, Pirate Village , South Pacific area and Forest area. All the dress, food, sights, shows and entertainment facilities in each section are themed.


Guilin Merryland World Tour

It's like entering a time tunnel. Come and enjoy the time in Guilin Merryland World during the trip to Guilin!