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Longji Terraced Fields

a bird's eye view of the green Longji TerracesThe Longji Terraces (Dragon's Backbone) , are located in Longsheng County about 100 kilometers away from Guilin, was started during the Yuan dynasty about 700 years ago by the Zhuang people and finished during the Qing dynasty.

There are numerous terraced fields, but the Longji Terraces are the best and most spectacular. The terraced fields are built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the top of mountain, the highest part being 880 m in elevation while the lowest part 380 m in elevation. The terraces look like great chains and ribbons as they wind from the foot to the top of the hills. The rice terraces are built into the hillsides. This ingenious construction makes best use of the scare arable land and water resources in the mountainous area.
The scenic Longji Terraces area is 70 square kilometers, including 5 nature villages named jinzhu zhuang Ethnic tribe, huangluo yao ethnic tribe, pingan zhuang minority village, jingkeng yao and dazhai yao minority village. The culture of this area is rich and unique. The local minority Zhuang and Yao girls perform hair combing or singing and dancing upon guests' request. This is the best place see and learn about China's minority groups.  The Longji Terraces in the autumn
Longji Terraces go up one by one step, which called the terraces to the heaven and paradise, the small terraces look like the snails, while the big terraces look like the towers and pagodas. The smallest terrace is only for three stems rice, some terraces are so narrow that the local people may not plough the fields by water buffalo, usually the local people use a special wood tool to plough the terraces, only two people cooperate to do this farm work, one of them pull the tool on the shoulder in the front, the other one push the tool on the back. It's very hard to finish this work. At the end of July the minority farmers insert the rice plants to the fields, after 3 months, it's at the end of October, the rice plants grow paddies on the top, and be harvested. The minority farmers harvest the rice once every year, the high temperature and enough sunshine are necessary for the growing rice.

Longji terraces scenery is fantastic in all of the year. In spring, the water is on the terraces, which looks like silver ribbons, in summer, gentle breeze dances though the blades of green rice seedlings. Autumn is a golden color season because of the mature rice, and in winter, the snow makes the terraces and the villages to be a fairy world. During the languorous season when neither harvesting nor planting affected the landscape.


Longji Terraces Tour

The Longji terraces consequently stood in denuded silence as if napping peacefully like a silly, sleeping dragon at its cave. And it is also one of the symbols of Guilin, so during the tour to Guilin, never miss this attraction.