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Seven Stars Park

the camel peak in The Seven Stars ParkThe Seven Stars Park situated on the eastern side of the Li River, 1 kilometer from the city center, Seven Star Park is the biggest and most beautiful park in Guilin with an area of 134 hectares and the best natural environment. The park was named after the tale that the seven peaks of Mountain Qixing were the seven stars in the north sky falling down to the earth. Being the largest and most beautiful park in Guilin, it features fantastic hills, rivers, caves and rocks. The Seven-Star Cave is known as Xi Xia Cave in the past. The one-million-year-old cave was originally a section of an underground river. For hundreds of years, local people believed that the cave was the residence of immortals. The park has famous spots like Follower Bridge, Camel Hill, Seven Star Cave and others.

The elegantly constructed Flowers Bridge is the main gateway to the Seven Stars Park, and is famous for its elegant style. It was first built in the Song dynasty and renovated in the Ming dynasty. The length of the bridge is 134.66 meters. It's said that in the ancient time the bridge was well surrounded by wild flaming flowers in spring, thus the name of the bridge. Unfortunately, the number of flowers reduced greatly during the Qing dynasty and now visitors can't find any.the small waterfall in The Seven Stars Park

The Camel Hill in Seven Stars Park is a wow of a sight. Being in the shape of a huge camel, it was named so. The hill is so life-like that it seems to be elaborately forged by human. Actually it is entirely a natural formation.

The Seven Star Cave in Seven Stars Park was an underground river a million years ago, is a fantastic karst cave with a large number of stalagmites and stalactites, which decorate the cave into an eye-dazzling beautiful place. There are three stories in the cave. The middle story with a length of 814 meters is open to visitors.

Other famous scenic spots in Seven Stars Park are: Crescent Hill, Putuo Hill, Guihai Stele Forest.


Seven Stars Park Tour

Seven star Park is the largest comprehensive park with the longest history and attracts the most tourists in Guilin. During the tour to the park tourists will amaze at the charming scenery.