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Solitary Beauty Peak

Solitary Beauty Peak with green treesThe Solitary Beauty Peak is one of Guilin's 3 major mountain peaks besides Fubo Hill and Folded Brocade Hill. Among all the peaks in Guilin, Solitary Beauty Peak is widely tipped as the "King of Mountains" and is located within the Jingjiang Prices' City Scenic Area in the center of Guilin city, Guangxi Province, with an area of 6,100 square meters (about 1.5 acres). Towering 216 meters (about 709 feet) above the sea level and 66 meters (about 217 feet) above the ground, this peak has been a major scenic site in Guilin since ancient times and is renowned as the "Sky-Supporting Pillar in the South."

During the Southern Dynasty (420 - 589), about 1500 years ago, Yan Yanzhi, governor of Guilin, wrote the line: "none can surpass this solitary peak in beauty," hence the name Duxiu Peak (Solitary Beauty Peak). When bathed in the dawn sunshine or afterglow, the peak seems to be wearing a purple gown and a golden belt, which is the origin of its other name "Purple Golden Hill."

The Solitary Beauty Peak provides a good view of the town below. In the haze of dawn or the glow of sunset the peak is purple or gold. A climb up the 306 stone steps to the top is rewarded by a panoramic view of the city. The view from here shows clearly the many limestone pinnacles that rise out of the flat land that surrounds them.

Peculiar Caves on Solitary Beauty Peak

There are many peculiar caves in this scenic site, which add glamour and pleasure to this charming Solitary Beauty Peak. The most famous one is the Dushu (Study) Rock at the east foot of the peak, which looks like a stone room with natural windows and beds inside. It is said that Yan Tingzhi, governor of Guilin and also a famous writer, often studied here about 1,500 years ago. At the west foot lies the Taiping (Peace) Rock, which is 2.9 meters (about 9.5 feet) high and covers an area of 140 square meters (about 1,507 square feet). This cave looks like a gracious house with a very smooth floor and stalactites of various shapes hanging down from the roof. Flowers are planted in the front of the cave, and statues of Buddha have been erected inside. On the wall of the cave, you can read poets' praise of the cave's exquisite characteristics. The Snow Cave is located at the north-west foot, is famous for its stalactites that are white as snow. Groups of rock formations and grotesque stalactites hanging from the cave ceiling create a spectacular scene. You can find numerous poem inscriptions from the Ming period on the cliff wall.

On top of the Solitary Beauty Peak there is a two-storied traditional Chinese pavilion with the same name, serving as both a decorative structure and observation post in the past. On the huge extruding cliff rock in front of the pavilion, a ten-square-meter (107-square-feet) flat with stone enclosures allows tourists to have a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery. The renowned Crescent Pond is located at the east foot of the peak. Its name is owing to its distinct crescent shape. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Tower stands on the bank of the pond, and was established in 1921 to memorize the revolution led by its namesake, Sun Yat-sen.


Solitary Beauty Peak Tour

Now, Solitary Beauty Peak has been acknowledged as one of the major protected heritages of Guilin City and it welcomes the tourists from all over the world.