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Chinese Paper Cutting

Everyone called it as one of the art of China, it is the unique art called Chinese Paper Cutting. Today as we can directly see, the people cut animals, flowers and figures in the paper with a pair of scissors or a knife mainly to decorate their doors and windows.

Overview about Chinese Paper Cutting
In Chinese traditional culture, paper-cuts can reflect many aspects of life such as prosperity, health, or harvest. Paper cutting has long history back, since it was popular in Qing Dynasty, many skills were developed at that time. After hundreds of years' development, now they have become a very popular means of decoration among country folk, especially women.

Today, Chinese people even more believe that the red paper-cuts on the door can bring good luck and happiness to the whole family. They will ornament walls, windows, doors, columns, mirrors, lamps and lanterns in homes which also used for decoration. Additionally, they are also given as presents or gifts to good friends or other family members.

The paper-cuts are more often seen during traditional Chinese festivals or big celebration particularly in Chinese New Year, the Spring Festival, wedding ceremonies, birthday party of an older person, etc. People place paper-cut art work in their windows and hang them on doors to increase the festival atmosphere and to express wishes for happiness and good fortune.

Paper Cut with Its Festival
During the Spring Festival, the character "Fu (福)" which means happy is pasted upside down on the door to express people's wish for the coming of happiness.

At a birthday party of an older person, paper-cuts with the character "Shou (寿) " are often seen. Chinese people wish for the long live, longevity and health.

And when Chinese a man and woman get married or kind of celebrate something grateful, the red paper-cuts with the character "Xi (囍)" is a traditional decoration. It is believed that this paper-cut will bring the new couple happiness.

Same thing will happen at Chinese New Year. After Chinese New Year is over the Chinese character of 'Chun' has to hang upside down which means the Spring festival is over.