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Kite is an important part of the art and culture of China. Here, we would like to introduce its remarkable kite history, present condition and famous international festival of kite which annually hold in China.

History of Chinese Kite
Kites were invented by the Chinese people over 2,000 years ago. It is said the art of kite-making dates back to the Spring and Autumn (770-476BC) and the Warring States (475-221BC) periods. The ancients began to use wood to make "wooden black-eared kites" that could carry a person and fly high into the sky for reconnoitering (surveillance) and other military purposes. Time goes by, kites were produced in increasing numbers, not only for military use, but also for recreational purpose by civilians. Later, kite-making is also known as a Chinese folk handicraft.

Weifang International Kites Festival
Weifang known as the capital of kite in the world, every year in Weifang (Shandong province of China) international kite festival kicks off attracting worldwide attention. The annual event draws thousands of participants and kites lovers from around the world each year. Every year from April 20th to the 25th, kite-lovers from all over the world could see all kinds of kites of different size and different shapes flying in the blue sky of Weifang City.

The night before the festival started, there was an opening ceremony held in a huge soccer stadium that seats about 80,000 people. During the opening ceremony and awards ceremony, there will have a huge show on stage performs by 10,000 dancers, acrobats, and drummers, as well as some China's most popular singers.

Weifang International Kites Festival is the time when all kite lovers from all over the world come together with their specially made kites to compete and take part in the festivities. You will see thousands of kites in all shapes and sizes, traditional or modern kites, with its unique design that will even amaze visitors and audiences. After the festival, a kite king will be selected carefully and then to be collected in the kite museum on Weifang Kite Museum. The festival is a modern version of China's Pure Brightness Festival (Qing Ming Jie) the spring tradition of honoring ancestors, often flying kites to send off bad luck.

Join the festival then you will get unique experience for enjoying numbers of kites with different shapes fly high on Weifang area, as well as gathered with locals and kite lovers from all over the world.