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Leifeng Pagoda

Leifeng PagodaLeifeng Pagoda is one of the ten famous sights of the West Lake due to the Legend of the White Snake which tells a snake became a kind-hearted beautiful girl then she fell in love with a young man named Xuxian. Happily they married and led a happy life. But their marriage was damaged by an old monk called Fahai who imprisoned the young woman into Leifeng Pagoda for many years. The white snake finally was rescued by her son. This famous story is loved by people and it has been adapted by many playwriters for traditional operas as well as TV series.

Locates on the Sunset Hill on the south route of the West Lake, Leifeng Pagoda was first built in 975 by Qian Hongchu, the King of Wuyue Kingdom in order to celebrate the birth of his son by one of his favorite concubines - Huangfei. And at that time, the pagoda was called Huangfei Pagoda.

Leifeng Pagoda was an octagonal, five-storeyed structure built of brick and wood. The body of the pagoda was made of brick, but the eaves, balconies, inside landings and balustrades were made of wood. Stones with the Huayan Scriptures inscribed on them were inlaid on the inner walls of the pagoda. There used to be sixteen sculptures of vajra arhats at the foot of the pagoda, but they were later moved to Jingci Temple. 

Like other ancient buildings, Leifeng Pagoda went through numerous severe disasters. It was in November, 2000 that the pagoda was reconstructed by Hangzhou Municipal People's Government. Leifeng Pagoda is now a five-story tower that has eight sides.


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As one of the ten famous sights of the West Lake, with the beautiful legend, Leifeng Pagoda gains a high reputation among all the tourists in Hangzhou!