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Tiger Spring(Hupao Spring)

Hupao SpringFor tourists to Hangzhou, it is a must to taste a cup of newly-picked tea in Hupao(literally Tiger Running), which gives one a unique feeling that one cannot find anywhere else. According to scientific research on the quality of the spring's water, Hupao Spring has been ranked the third in China, following Leng Spring in Zhejiang and Hui Spring in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. 

Hupao Spring lies at the foot of Daci (Great Compassion) Hill, five kilometers away from Hangzhou city, which stretches between West Lake and the Qiantang River. After the Daci Hill stands a temple also named Daci that built in the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). It is said that a monk named Xingkong lived in Daci Temple. One night he dreamed an immortal who told him to leave the temple to escape the lacking of water. To his surprise, two mighty tigers sure enough came in the following day from Mountain Hengshan and dug a hole in the spot where the spring immediately gushed forth. Hence, the spring was named Hupao Spring (Tiger Running Spring).

In fact, the Hupao Spring itself is formed by underground water seeping through cracks in sandstone. With low content of mineralized ingredients and high percentage of radon (a radioactive element), the spring water, which tastes pure, sweet and cold, is an ideal beverage for good health. The Buddhist monastery located near the spring and surrounding areas have beenName of Hupao Spring converted into the Hupao Spring Forest Park.

Along with the unique fountain, you can expect to see several tea houses, and an on sight memorial dedicated to Li Shutong who was a scholar and hierarch and entered into Buddisim in Daci temple in 1981. The park with its twisting landscape is a beautiful sight. Here you will also see Dragon Well. The natural waters of Hapao Spring formed three pools, later reduced to two that make up Dragon Well.


Hupao Spring Tour

Listening to the spring, viewing the spring, tasting the spring, feeling the spring, even dreaming that the spring enables every thought about the spring to come to mind are all the pleasures gained while visiting the Hupao Spring.