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Gegentala Grassland

Gegentala Grassland is situated in the territory of Siziwang Banner, to the north of Hohhot and within the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is the largest and a unique MongolianGegentala Grassland scenic spot bearing the Mongolian ethical features of China. In Mongolian 'Gegentala' means a summer resort or the place of grazing in summer. It is one of the first batches of 4A-class scenic spots of the country.

Gegentala Grassland

On Gegentala Grassland, the weather is cool and the natural scenery is fascinating. With thriving grass and abundant water, the green of the grassland reach out as far as your eyes can see. Colorful wild flowers and flocks of sheep that look like masses of cloud make the scene absolutely beautiful. Because of its plainness, wideness and lush grass, it has been an ideal rangeland since ancient times. Gentle land forms and vast landscapes are its unique features.

Besides the scenery of Gegentala Grassland, visitors can also taste traditional Mongolian food and take part in local activities. While listening to the melodious toasting songs and appreciating traditional Mongolian dances, visitors have the opportunity to taste kumiss, roasted whole sheep and shouba rou (boiled mutton eaten with hands). In traditional Mongolian clothes, visitors can take part in horse race, wrestling and archery which have been popular in Inner Mongolia for thousands of years. At night, people sit around bonfires singing and dancing to their hearts' content. After one day's travel, the Mongol ger, which means home in Mongolian, provides accommodation for the tourist. All these experiences give visitors the true feeling of what life is like on the vast grassland.

The building on Gegentala GrasslandThere are many Mongolian tents on Gegentala Grassland for receptions, with a capacity to hold about 2,000-3,000 people. Facilities such as a sauna, dancing hall, bar, shopping, Entertainment Square, WC and services including TV, telephone, medical care, consultation and security are offered. The prairie is a scenic spot supported both by the Natural Tourist Bureau and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Visitors will be truly astonished by the remarkable beauty of the natural scenery on the prairie. Visitors will also be welcomed by the herdsmen and their families who enjoy sharing knowledge of their customs and habits, or stay in a typical Mongolian yart, taste the flavors of horse milk liquor and Mongolian barbecue, such as roast sheep legs, roast whole sheep.


Gegentala Grassland Tour

Every July or August when flowers are in full bloom and sheep and horses are in their best condition, a tourism festival called Nadam Fair is held. It is a traditional grand meeting and also an annual gala event for the Mongolian. And this period is also a favorable season for travel to Gegentala Grassland.

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