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Xilamuren Grassland

Xilamuren, meaning "yellow river" in Mongolian, is located 100 kilometers north of Hohhot.Xilamuren Grassland Xilamuren Grassland is the nearest grassland tourist attraction to Hohhot and the earliest one in Inner Mongolia. The average temperature in summer season is about 18-21 degree. The grassland has rolling hills and lush green grass. On the riverside of Xilamuren lies a Lama temple which was built in 1769 in the Qing Dynasty. This Lama temple had been used as a temporary abode for the Six Living Buddha in the Xilizhao Temple to spend summers. The main hall, gateway and the east and west wing-rooms remain intact up to now.

The best time to visit Xilamuren Grassland is in summer and autumn. At this time of year, the pleasant climate, the blue sky and white clouds, the rolling grass, the wandering flocks and herds, the passionate herdsmen and their Mongolian food will undoubtedly leave you with a deep impression. During the Nadam Festival held every summer, tourists can enjoy a series of different activities, including camel riding, horse racing, wrestling, archery, a camp fire party and singing and dancing. You can even take part in some of the competitions that you are interested in.

Entertainment in Xilamuren Grassland are many. You may try activities such as Mongolian wrestling, horse & camel riding, rodeo competitions, archery, visiting traditional families, and trips to the aobaos (rock mounds that are normally festooned with flags, meant for worship). The best time to do all this is during Naadam Festival, in the second half of August, when the crowds are out in full and a fair-like atmosphere is created. In the evenings the camps provide interesting, if sometimes a little taxing, activities, including a baijiu dinner and performances of traditional dancing, singing and melodies from traditional Mongolian instruments, including the sawing charms of the horsehead fiddle (Matou qin). Some of the sites have halls for disco, Building on Xilamuren Grasslandbut this is probably best missed out.

Although it is possible to visit one of Xilamuren Grassland areas in one day, it is far nicer to spend a night or two out here in a Mongolian traditional tent (yurt). These yurts are made of compressed sheep wool and are shaped rather like a squat native American teepee, windowless, sheep-smelling and snug. The yurts are made from latticed wood frames, have thick, rug floors and are usually furnished with many blankets, low beds, quilts, pillows and hot water flasks. They were originally designed to be folded up and carried by camel, however nowadays most of them are slightly more solidly built on concrete yards, in yurt type camps that have numerous yurts and usually a dining area, a washroom with occasional hot water and even electric light.


Xilamuren Grassland Tour

Xilamuren Grassland is the first grassland tourist attraction opened in Hohhot. With the most unique and beautiful scenery, during the tour to Hohhot, tourists should not miss the chance to have a look at of this famous grassland.

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