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Repulse Bay

Located in the southern part of Hong Kong Island, Repulse Bay is the most spectacular bay in the region. It is a luxurious residential area for dining, relaxation, and aquatic activities. It hasView of Repulse Bay become one of Hong Kong's most popular beaches because it is close to the city on Hong Kong Island and it has good public facilities like bathrooms and showers and is south facing. Its name comes from a 19th century battle in which the British army repulsed attacking pirates.

Repulse Bay has long beach with clear azure blue water gently lapping the seashore and golden, soft sand. As its water temperatures ranging from 16 C (60.8F) to 26 C (80.6F) year round, it is perfect for basking in the sun and enjoying the cool water in the summer, when lifeguards are on duty to escape problems and any dangers. The regular season extends from March to November. Swimming is obviously popular and the bay is outfitted for safety with shark prevention nets and floating platforms. 

In addition to aquatic activities, extensive facilities are also offered on Repulse Bay. Barbecue racks are available under the shade near the beach. Moreover, the area has many hotels, supermarkets, and cafes. A lighthouse near the beach is a popular place to take photos. Watching the sunset is another popular pastime for visitors. Besides, the Zhenhai Tower Park built in the traditional Chinese style, is located near the beach.


Repulse Bay Tour

On the eastern side of Repulse Bay are two large and colorful Taoist gods called Tin Hau and Kwun Yum. Some people say that Kwun Yum was an actual person who lived in China. Fishermen and sailors worship it. During the tour, tourists could also pay a visit to the gods.

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